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Earn money from Google. No Investment

Chapter 1
Welcome Friend.
Earning Huge Money in the internet is very easy. The important thing you must know the right technique with attitude and dedication. I am Earning more than Rs.25000 and above every month from Internet through Google's adsense program. This online jobs doesnt need any Investment.
Many people are looking for an Extra income in the internet and they search for many online money making jobs in the internet. One of the Easiest way to Earn money from internet is through Google. I mean Googe adsense.
What is Google Adsense?
Google adsense is nothing but Pay Per Click (PPC) program. Google Displays thier ads in your website and if some one clicks the google ads in your website, you will be paid for each click.

YES. I can hear many questions from you.

I Don't have a website? Don't worry. We have explained everything in this website on how to create a website for google ads. If you still confused, Feel free to Contact Us to create a blog website (similiar to the one you are reading now) for you with NO COST.

Similarly you have many questions like below...

  • What is my website contains or what is content in my website?
  • How do I put Google ads in my website?
  • How to promote or Market my website with google ads?
  • How much I can Earn through this PPC program?

All your Questions are clearly explained in this website. Go through this website fully and if you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us. We will guide you the whole process of making making money from internet.
Note: Many people are charging money for teaching the same technique. But we teach you fully with NO COST. Only serious people who are interested in earning money may contact us.

Continue to chapter 2. Requirements and Qualification

Chapter 2
You must need some minimum requirements given below to start this Online Pay Per Click Program:

1. A Computer with internet Connection in Home or Office or You can work from Cyber cafe/Browsing Centres.

2. Simple Internet Browsing knowledge is enough to start this program. No Previous experience needed.

3. A Valid Email address.

4. You must have a Bank Account to deposit the cheques which you will receive from Google.

5. A simple website similar to the one you are viewing ( This website is called Blogger. The website can contain any content or topic except any pornographic, hate-related, violent, or illegal content. Dont get confused if you dont have a website. We will help in developing the website for you. Contact Us for all the details.

6. Free Time - You have to spend a little time (Min 1 hr daily). More time you spend, more the chance to earn more money.

REMEMBER. This program doesn't need any investment. Absolutely Free to join.
Many of my friends started this Google Pay Per Click (PPC) also called Google adsense program as a part time and gradually they make it as a full time job

Go through this website fully and read several times until you are familiar with the Google adsense concept. You may also contact us for any kind of help regarding this Adsense program. Our efficient staffs will guide you to earn money.
Chapter 3
Blogger is nothing but a Personal or Business Dairy or Website, where you write your interesting stuffs on a regular basis. You do not need to create a website. Blogger has its own template. Just you need to post your interesting topics, contents, etc. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.”

Many people doesnt know how to create a website to publish thier interesting articles. Blog gives them an opportunity to create their own blog, where they can post their interests.
People dont need any technical software languages to create the Blog. Just sign up with blogger and you have your own space in the internet.

Creating Blogger is absolutly Fast, Interesting and Free of Cost. Start Creating your Blogger Now... Click here to create your blog now.

As per Google AdSense terms and conditions your blogger/website Doesn't Contain below mentioned things....
  • Excessive profanity
  • Violence, racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group, or organization
  • Hacking/cracking content
  • Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Pornography, adult, or mature content
  • Gambling or casino-related content
  • Excessive advertising
  • Any other content that promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others
  • Pop-ups, pop-unders or exit windows that interfere with site navigation, obscure Google ads, change user preferences, or are for downloads. Other types of pop-ups, pop-unders, or exit windows may be allowed, provided that they do not exceed a combined total of 5 per user session
  • Excessive, repetitive, or irrelevant keywords in the content or code of web pages
  • Deceptive or manipulative content or construction to improve your site's search engine ranking, e.g., your site's PageRank Incentives (monetary or point-based) to users or third-party beneficiaries for online activity including, but not limited to, clicking on ads or links, performing searches, Surfing websites, reading emails, or completing surveys
  • Sales or promotion of certain weapons, such as firearms, ammunition, balisongs, butterfly knives, and brass knuckles
  • Sales or promotion of beer or hard alcohol
  • Sales or promotion of tobacco or tobacco-related products
  • Sales or promotion of prescription drugs
  • Sales or promotion of products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods

Continue to chapter 4. Step by step guide to create a Blog

Please follow the below steps to create your own Blog Website

Step 1. You need a Gmail Account to create a Blog Account. If you do not have one visit and create one. It takes less than 2 min to create.

Step 2. Now go to to create your Blog website account. You can see the page shown below.
Step 3. Sign in using your Gmail Id and password and then click "Sign in" button to continue. See the page below.
Step 4. Now you have logged in to your blog account. You can see the page shown below. Now enter your Name and display name and tick the "Acceptance of Terms" and then Click "Continue" button.
Step 5. Now You will get a page shown below. Now click "Create your blog now" button to proceed.
Step 6. Now Enter the title for your blog website. You can see our Blog Title "How to make money from Google Adsense?" at the top of this webpage. Now enter the blog address. For your reference, Check our blog address "" where "mygooglemoney" is the blog address name. If your blog name is not available, try different names until it is available. Now click "Continue" button to proceed.
Step 7. Now you will get a page as shown below. Now Click "Start posting" button to proceed.
Step 8. Now choose the template design of your choice. Template is nothing but your website design layout. You can change your template design at anytime in future. Now Click "Continue" button to proceed.
Step 9. After selecting your template, now you need to post some content for your blog website. Below page shows how to post content for your blog website. We have only shown how to post the content. We will tell you what to post in the next chapter. Enter the title and description and then click "Publish post" button to proceed.
Step 10. Congrats! You have successfully created and posted the content for your blog website. Click "View Blog" as shown in the below page.
Important Things to Remember. You need to post some quality content to your blog website. The above postings are just for your practice. You can edit the previous post with quality contents or create a new post with quality content. Next chapter explains you where to get quality content for your blog website.
Chapter 5
Here we have listed some of the famous article websites to get quality content for your blog website. You can visit any of the below website and get the content of your interest. We reccommend you to select categories in the area of Home based jobs, Business, Investment or anything related to Earning money categories.

Note : While copying the content, make sure you follow the terms and conditions of the respective article website from where you copy the content.

Chapter 6
After creating your blog website, the next step is to apply for Google adsense program.

What is Google Adsense?
Google displays thier ads in the websites and this ad blocks are called google adsense. You can notice google ads in many websites, which shows "Ads by Google".

How Google pays you for displaying their ads in yours Blog/websites?
Google has many advertisers and those advertisers are willing to display thier ads in other websites. Google gets advertisement from advertisers and display their ads in other Blog/Websites. If some one visits your blog website and clicks those ads in your Blog/Website, you will be paid by google for each click. Google doesn't reveal how much they pay for each click. The amount depends on advertisers how much they pay for google.

Can i click ads in my website to increase my earnings?
YOU SHOULD NOT Click ads in your Blog/Website. Google tracks all Invalid/Fraud clicks and if they found such activities from your website, Google will ban your acount and all your earnings will be lost.

When will i get the payment from Google?
All your payment related questions are answered in your google adsense account.

How to apply for Google adsense?
Before applying for Google adsense, make sure you have created your blog website with quality content. Google adsense program needs Blog/website to apply.
You can apply for google adsense at .
Chapter 7
Once you get approval from Google adsene, you can place google ads in your blog website. This chapter explains how to place google ads in your blog website.
Step 1. Go to and login using your Gmail Id and password.
Step 2. Now click the "Add a page element" link
Step 3. Now you will get a pop up window. In this window you have many options. You have to click "Adsense" option
Step 4. Now you will get a page as shown below. Click "Sign in" link to place your adsense code in you blog.
Step 5. Now enter your Gmail id which you used while applying google adsense and fill the details as shown below.
Step 6. Now you will get a page as shown below. You can select your ad format to display in your blog website.
Step 7. Once you select your ad format, Click "Save changes" button
Step 8. Now you have added the adsense to your blog website. Your adsense page element is placed
Step 9. Now you have to move the adsense page element to the top of the page as shown below. You can move this by dragging the adsense page element by pressing your right click mouse.
Step 10. Now you have to follow the steps 1 and 2 as shown in the below page. Click "Save" button and click "View blog"
Step 11. Now you have successfully added your ad in your blog website. You can see the below page with your google ads.
Check some of the Earnings Proof Cheque from Google


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